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WARNING: LOUD INTRO – Chevy Silverado Strong Steel Bed Outperforms Ford F150-Aluminum Bed Commercial

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Chevy Silverado Strong Steel Bed Outperforms Ford F-150-Aluminum Bed Commercial – A commercial that uses several flows and misrepresentations to create a idea of the Chevy Silverado truck aluminum bed performs better than the Ford F-150. But when ran against the Silverado, the Ford aluminum bed fails to reaches its potential striking first the ground then the Silverado itself. Why the Chevy Silverado Strong Steel bed outperforming a Ford F150 Aluminum bed? Because it’s made by Chevrolet. If it was written by Toyota, it would be on par how strong the Tacoma is. In fact, all these ads are like that. They’re misinterpreted… and mean nothing in reality to both parties of the debate about commercials. In fact, some of them are downright inaccurate and silly, but who cares!?… it’s all for fun for us anyways!

My final conclusion is completely wrong since steel is definitely strong than aluminium. However, I do believe that the toolboxes dropped in Ford beds were more heavier than Chevy’s. What do you think?

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