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Naruto: Everything Censored From The Japanese Version

Soooo much was changed when this classic anime aired in the West.
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Naruto is one of those shows that could be enjoyed by just about anyone. It has great action, fantastic characters and jaw-dropping moments that young kids love, but also can be really great for an older generation. We’re lucky to get such a gem of a show from Japan over to the United States. But the tricky thing about bringing an anime like Naruto over to the United States from Japan is that, like most anime, it had to go through a lot of censorship in order to air here.

A lot of these censorship moments dealt with extreme violence, sexual references, and general edits to avoid confusion. They range from things like blood being removed in certain scenes, like the scene where Naruto has to stab himself in the hand in order to get poison out of his system, to digital body removal like how they got rid of a lot of the bodies at the Uchiha massacre, to very small things like Kakashi poking Naruto in the butt. No matter what the instance is, it’s clear that Naruto experienced some major changes when it aired in the United States. Some of these censorships are understandable, but it does get to a point where you have to ask yourself whether cutting out such important details affects the entire show’s narrative. Do you get less enjoyment out of the show if it’s censored?

Today’s video is all about the censored moments in Naruto that America deemed NSFW. Did your favorite moment make the cut? Check out the video to find out and be sure to leave a comment after you’re done! And if you like CBR, take a minute to hit that big subscribe button so you never miss another Naruto video. Now, let’s get into it!

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