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Funny Joke: Poisoned Mushrooms

Funny Joke: Poisoned Mushrooms

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👇The Joke👇

An Insurance Assessor is at a wedding reception, and asks the bride:
“So this is your fourth husband?”
“Yes, that’s right”, she replied.
“Can I ask what happened to your first husband?”
“Oh, very sad, he died quite suddenly”.
“Oh, I am sorry, what happened?”.
“He unfortunately ate some poisoned mushrooms and passed away. The insurance paid out, of course, but it can never really compensate”.
“That’s terrible, what happened to the second husband?”.
“Another tragic case, he too, ate some poisoned mushrooms and passed away. The money didn’t compensate for his loss”.
By now, the Assessor was very suspicious, and asked:
“Did your third husband die from ingesting poisoned mushrooms?”
“Oh no”, she stated, “He died from a fractured skull”.
“My word, I am very sorry… How did he get that?”
“Well, he wouldn’t eat the mushrooms.”

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